What is HGI?

Higher Ground International is a global organization consisting of a network of high-fidelity Montessori entrepreneurs and educators focused on opening schools within their communities, and working together to support and accelerate the network’s success. Through its global network of schools, HGI partners and their teachers, parents, and students share ideas across borders and adapt promising innovations in their own countries.

In entering a new market, HGI focuses on identifying local education entrepreneurs seeking a broader platform, and sourcing local capital to empower those entrepreneurs as they:

  1. Open HGI offices that support the local Montessori school movement and provide thought leadership on Montessori;

  2. Enhance local Montessori human capital by participating in HGI’s global recruitment, training, and leadership development resources via The Prepared Montessorian; and

  3. Provide ancillary services for the efficient launch and management of a local network of high-fidelity Montessori schools.

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  • Our International Network

    Higher Ground International is a team of experts from around the world who are dedicated to the creation of a global network of entrepreneurial Montessori leaders. Our team is united by a common desire to mainstream and modernize the Montessori movement in every corner of the globe.

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  • International Growth Driven by Local Leadership

    Our strategy is to recognize and systematically leverage the widespread international availability of local talent and capital, as well as the growing demand for quality Montessori education around the world, by offering local teams the support and training they need to succeed. Our value proposition is in our ability to empower and amplify the ability of local Montessori entrepreneurs and educators to create profound and lasting value for the children in their communities.

    Given the mission and vision of HGI, we seek to empower leaders around the world to fulfill their potential as Montessori entrepreneurs.

    Local Education Entrepreneurs: What we are looking for?

    We are seeking people with the skills needed to seed and grow Montessori:

    • Exceptional leadership skills

    • Exceptional judgement

    • Pre-existing understanding of and commitment to Montessori

    • Demonstrated alignment with HGI Mission, Vision, and Purpose

    • Entrepreneurial hustle

    • Commitment to balancing the needs of a commercial education enterprise with a devotion to uncompromising, high-fidelity Montessori pedagogy

    In addition to the essential skills above, it also helps to have on-the-ground familiarity with a locale:

    • Government connections for school licensure

    • Real Estate acquisition and/or new build

    • Knowledge of education consumption market knowledge/trends

    • Understanding of local parent concerns

    • Understanding of local school market; specifically relating to early childhood and/or Montessori

    Local Capital Partners: What are we looking for?

    1. Alignment on dual strategy to support local montessori growth in country in parallel with building the international movement

    2. Expertise and relationships in the local market

    3. Capital investment at the local HGI country level and at the local school level

    If you're interested in becoming an HGI partner, please connect with us.