The Montessori approach has been international, since its inception and by design. Dr. Montessori herself began traveling the globe over a hundred years ago, lecturing, interviewing, training, and visiting schools worldwide to spread her approach. She was a global activist, armed with her new vision of the child’s universal nature and her conviction that the education of children was the keystone for solving the world’s problems—which, in her lifetime, included two world wars and a global depression.

Dr. Montessori founded the Association Montessori Internationale in Amsterdam in 1929, and it continues to exist today, protecting the integrity of and propagating her teachings. Interest in Montessori around the world has spread and is accelerating tremendously due both directly to AMI’s efforts and global institutions and network of affiliates, and indirectly to their raising a standard to which those inspired by Montessori can repair, wherever they are.

2018 Montessori Conferences

Higher Ground International maintains a list of international Montessori- and education-related conferences that may be of interest to the Montessorian.

  • Feb 21-24: AMI Conference | Acapluco, Mexico

    This AMI Conference in Mexico is open to the public; there is no need to have an AMI diploma to attend. Usually, attendees come from all corners of Latin America and Mexico, which itself has 10 AMI Training Centers.

  • March 17-18: Global Education & Skills Forum | Dubai, UAE

    Each year the Global Education & Skills Forum brings together world leaders from the public, private and social sectors seeking solutions to achieving education, equity and employment for all.

  • March 17-19: 2018 International Preschool Education Resources Exposition | Guangzhou, China

    This early-childhood product/resource fair brings together more than 280 early childhood education enterprises, institutions, kindergarten buyers, and directors.

  • May 12-14: Montessori Association in Mexico | Chiapas, Mexico

    The Montessori Mexican Association AC's 28th annual congress.

  • May 12-14: Montessori Association in Mexico | Chiapas, Mexico

    The Montessori Mexican Association AC's 28th annual congress.

  • June 20-22: Innovative and Creative Education and Teaching Conference | Badajos, Spain

    ICETIC is an international forum for researchers, scientists, scholars and students to share their experiences, ideas and research results about all aspects related to creativity and innovation in education, and also want to discuss the practical challenges encountered and their possible solutions.

  • June 21-23: International congress of Psychology and Education | Longrono, Spain

    This conference on the psychology of education brings together students, teachers, and research scientists.